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Alterations? Why not just Do It Yourself!

Last week was busy in The Sewing Shed with alterations and re-vamps! I helped two students alter sale bargains that they could not resist that were too large for them; a velvet jacket from Monsoon and a designer cerise dress. The jacket was remodelled by removing the shoulder pads and realigning the soft blazer collar into a Chinese style wrap over front with the addition of three buttons. The cerise dress and the loose lining were carefully shortened and the sleeves remodelled to fit a more petit frame. 

Another student brought in a pretty Next blouse picked up in a charity shop with an attractive exposed zip, but with puffy sleeves. The sleeves were unpicked and recut to a lower curve to take away the volume at the top of the sleeve for a more streamline silhouette. Shortening denim jeans were explained to a group with the aid of bias binding. And a couple of A-line skirts taken in as they were too big.

I must admit I love revamping and mending much loved or outsized clothes in my wardrobe. We all have a range of clothes sizes in our wardrobe so taking in the clothes that have simply grown in the wash or taking them in after successful weight loss can be a very satisfying update to your wardrobe and saves you the bill at the alterations shop.

Not sure you have anything in your wardrobe you would be brave enough to cut up? Why not turn all your hangers around the wrong way and then as you wear, launder and return them to the wardrobe you put the hangers the other way around. This way after a month you can see the items you favour and those that could maybe do with a revamp. Even if its a pair of trousers that you can only wear with one pair of heels, would it be worth taking them up to make them more wearable? Just be careful with seasonal items that may be lurking in there, you may want to revisit these in a few months time.

Go on be brave, even if its just to add a fabric corsage to your jumper or funky trim to give a your stripy top a lift!




January 26, 2017