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Crazy Patchwork, more chic than you think!

Crazy patchwork is a very easy and satisfying patchwork technique, which can use up oddments and scraps left over from previous projects. It has readily become known as a traditional technique used in quilts particularly in North American. On mentioning Crazy Patchwork it conjures up some quite hideous images of ‘home spun’ eclectic mixture of awful clashing colours and is not a technique that I would readily embrace. 

However on my recent holiday to the South of France we dined at a restaurant that had these very stylish crazy patchwork embellished chairs – which I felt I just had to share with you! The final patchwork piece has been upholstered onto the chair the initial patchwork had been patched together with a sewing machine. It just goes to show that any sewing technique done well can be used as a stylish addition to grace any home.

Crazy patchwork is created by sewing fabrics together in what appears to be a haphazard crazy pattern, but this is not necessarily the case,  like with all patchwork careful planning and selection of the right fabrics will ensure you are rewarded with a truly attractive piece at the end of your endeavours.  Crazy patchwork panels can then be incorporated into many items of home furnishings not just quilts! To create a crazy patchwork piece first make a paper template to the dimensions of your desired panel, for example to use as a cushion cover or on a bag. Then using a pencil and ruler divide this template in to a geometric pattern to create straight edged pieces – remember to add seam allowance on to these then can be used as your pattern. Care should be taken to ensure the pieces are not to small. you also need to consider your order of work carefully to plan which pieces need to be sewn together in which order (numbering your pattern as you go) to ensure you are always sewing in straight lines.

brightly coloured chair created with crazy patchwork

October 13, 2016