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Ideas for Up cycling Children’s Clothes

Last week I posted on social media a photo of a students work where she had lengthened her daughters very pretty (and expensive) summer dresses by adding a complimentary hem on them to give them a few extra centimetres to ensure that they could be worn this Summer. The result was a very pleasing detail that actually added to the overall look of the garment – not a hint of Mummy’s been let loose on the sewing machine and look what she’s done!

As a Master Crafter I am encouraged to enthuse my students and the great British public into up-cycling and repurposing garments and household textiles, and I thought I would share with you a few fashion hacks to update your loved children’s items of clothing to get more out of them.

  1. Lengthen a dress or skirt with a contrast hem or trimĀ 
  2. Cut outgrown trousers to make 3/4 length trousers or shorts for girls, at this time of year they can get away with wearing them over tights.
  3. Shorten those school trousers that have been outgrown or now have a hole in. Often boys just shoot up and their waist doesn’t get bigger – just their legs get longer.
  4. Much loved baby clothes can be cut up and patch worked together to make an heirloom quilt.
  5. Cover up that stain on a Tee with a funky applique.
  6. Add a pretty trim to plain t-shirt (you know the one that never gets worn because it was the plain one in a pack of three)
  7. The much loved fluffy outgrown Christmas gift jumper can be made into a cushion to grace a little girls bedroom.
  8. I remember cutting up my outgrown clothes as a child to make clothes for my dolls and teddies – why not let our children do the same and inspire the next generation!
  9. Patch the hole on in the coat with a shop bought patch or motif – or why not even make your own?
  10. Use redundant Cub or Brownie uniform to make a keepsake toy or make into a blanket for Scout or Guide Camp.



January 24, 2018