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A Janome Sewing Machine for Christmas, please!

Its that time of year again when students ask if I can recommend a sewing machine for them to add to their Christmas lists! I have also been known to work in cahoots with nearest and dearest, answering covert emails and the odd panic phone call. “I am in the sewing machine shop now! which one did she want?” Having established The Sewing Shed over 6 years ago, I have seen many makes and models of sewing machines. I however have the enjoyment of using Janome machines in class. The Sewing Shed is endorsed by Janome and I have the pleasure in using their lovely DXL 360 machines. This arrangement was agreed upon after careful consideration having researched the market to get the right machines for my students to use, with a brand that had an accessible range of machines.

Janome machines are robust and their motor size for the domestic sewer and build quality is excellent. All Janome machines are built with a metal body or metal internal frame and are powerful and efficient. Their price structure for a computerised machine giving you a ‘one-step’ button hole and speed control starts at just over £300.00. These really are a machine for life. They often bundled some accessories into a quilting kit for an annual promotion. And a good range of additional presser feet are available from around £17.00.

Lock stitch is a must and some mid-range machines now even have automatic under bed cutters. Please see Janomes machine buyer’s guide for further information They also have a search facility to find your local retailer on their website . Although I highly recommend White Rose Sewing, Commercial Street in Harrogate who have an excellent range of machines lined up in price order so you can try before you buy, and they also do a selection of Overlockers too!


November 16, 2016