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One Hour Project – Tea Towel Apron

I designed this pattern a few years ago when my daughter was small and I was time poor. I am always drawn to interesting prints and pattens in home textiles and at this time of the year high street stores and supermarkets often have bundles of pretty printed tea towels in their January sales.

Its a winner on so many levels as its a quick satisfying sewing project for a busy super Mum, and it also filled up my emergency present stash for when my daughter came home from school with another party invitation. The finished article is a really cute apron and recipients have worn them whilst baking or crafting. Three edges of the already hemmed tea towel are reused as the edges of the apron.The finished apron fits ages 4 – 8.

Choose a fun or pretty tea towel that you like, you never know the vintage souvenir one lurking at the bottom of the kitchen draw may work equally as well as a brand new one! Bold colours or prints of London buses (you know which high street shop I am referring too) work well for boys.

Materials Required: Tea towel, matching thread and 2.1m herringbone tape measuring 2.5cms wide.

1)Ensure your printed tea towel is the correct way up, and measure down from the top edge 16cms. Mark this line with a magic marker and cut this piece off the top edge. Keep this piece to use as a pocket, if you have two coordinating tea towels it is fun to use this one as a pocket for the other apron (as shown in the photo).

2)Fold the tea towel in half lengthwise, mark 12cms from the centre crease on the top raw edge. On the side of the tea towel mark at 32cms from the bottom hemmed edge. Join these two marks with a gentle curve to make the curve to fit below the arm, a very large dinner plate or round kitchen tray may be useful as a template.

As you have two layers of fabric, pin them together before carefully cutting along the curve to ensure you get a matching pair of curves.

3) Open the tea towel out flat. Create a hem on the top raw edge of the tea towel.

4) Use the off cut for a pocket. The top edge is already hemmed so use this as the top edge of the pocket. Carefully press under the raw edges of the pocket, pin and top stitch in position. The bottom of my pocket is 15cms from the bottom edge of the apron.

5) Hem the raw edges of the herringbone tape. Measuring from one edge of the tape mark at 55cms, then at 85cm, then at 123cms. The raw curved edge of the tea towel are encased in between the folded herringbone tape. The first mark leaves 55cms of loose tape to tie around the waist, between 55cms and 85cms enclosed the raw curved edge (yours may be a slightly different measurement depending on the depth of curve). 38cms of tape should be allowed to facilitate the loop over the head.

6) Repeat on the other side of the apron, enclosing the raw curved edge and leaving 55cms loose at the end to tie the apron around the waist. Apron now complete! 



January 19, 2017