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An Overlocker arrived in The Sewing Shed today!

My lovely friends at Janome have sent me a super new shiny 6234XL overlocker for us to use in The Sewing Shed! Overlockers have become increasingly popular as the demand for dressmaking tuition has increased. Many students are scared at the combination of all those threads the quickness of the machine and a cutting blade, but with careful guidance their fears can be over come, and the benefits of that shop bought professional finish are all too apparent.

The new addition completes the range of machines for students that I have which means there is a computerised sewing machine one per student and 2 overlockers; one threaded in white and the other in black to aid all those dressmaking projects.

What exactly is an overlocker? Easy to identify on shop bought items the overlocker stitch can be seen as a neat loopy stitch over lapping the raw edges of the seams of a garment. The stitch actually stretches so it is a real boon for sewing stretch fabrics such as t-shirts, leggings and nightwear. The blade can also been dis-engaged to sew along an edge that does not need to be trimmed and create a rolled hem.

Overlockers really aren’t that scary to re-thread if they come unthreaded or a needle breaks (as I am well practised at this) but there is a handy colour coded route marked on the machine and tweezers in the tool kit that help with the precision threading. To aid the machine from coming unthreaded after the seam has been over locked you should continue to sew to produce a chain of stitches approx ten centimetres long. If you wish to change the colour of the thread – the easiest way is to cut the existing threads just above the spools, reload the machine with the new colour and tie the new colour thread to the old colour thread using a reef knot. Open up the door on the front of the machine and from the stitch plate gently pull the thread through the threading mechanism until all 4 needles are loaded with the new colour.

Students lucky enough to own their own are welcome to bring them into class to have 1:1 help and guidance to build their confidence.





February 12, 2017