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Sewing World Collaboration

As home crafters we all have a stash of fabrics and pre-loved textiles from the home that we will use and up-cycle one day; outgrown children’s clothes that you can’t bear to part with, a well worn skirt, a no longer fashionable shirt, a pretty threadbare tea towel and ladies top which might have become home to a moth, a blouse with fancy buttons and a pair of jeans that might just come in useful one day…

As an ambassador for Love Your Clothes Org I have been invited to write three articles over the next twelve months to encourage the home sewer to sew seasonal items from up-cycled home textiles. A corner of The Sewing Shed was transformed into a photographic studio as I prepared to write for Sewing World Magazine using recycled materials and up-cycled fabrics.

It’s a really good opportunity to create something stylish and a potential family heirloom if there are lots of garments that  have memories. I can’t show the finished article but here’s a little peak of the Advent Calendar pocket in stages which will be published in Novembers edition of Sewing World.


August 5, 2016