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The following are all genuine testimonials; our students opinions’ are the best way to describe the experience you’ll have at The Sewing Shed:

“My first day at the sewing shed, and I loved it! Very relaxing, very professional, learnt a lot – the time just flies by! Looking forward to learning a lot more from the very talented Leonie.”

“I’ve been coming to Leonie for 2 years. In that time, I’ve learned to make cushions, Roman blinds, curtains, all sorts of clothing (including dresses, pyjamas, skirts and even jackets.”

“The atmosphere of the lessons is fab; not at all stuffy, but lots of laughter.”

“What can I say! I came to The Sewing Shed knowing nothing, but I’ve learnt so much I could be here all day telling you. I have come miles! And I’ve loved every minute of it.”

“You are an excellent, patient sewing teacher and I’ve learnt some amazing things from you. You are young, fun and funky, and I love The Sewing Shed!”

“Leonie is a very patient teacher, very thorough and so full of ideas. We’re all able to work on individual projects, including bunting for parties and gifts for Christmas.”

“Oh Leonie, The Sewing Shed has saved my sanity! The first day I walked in, I was terrified – it was first thing I’ve done on my own, for me, since having kids. You instantly put me at ease, and very quickly taught me the basics (and, as the weeks went by, the not-so-basic).”

“Whatever class I’m in, the atmosphere is always wonderful – everyone is friendly, supportive and encouraging, and you are very honest – my poncho/Mexican hat springs to mind!”

“I completed my first item of clothing today at The Sewing Shed, Ilkley. A refreshing change to be learning something practical. Thanks to Leonie Pratt for being a great teacher.”

“One of the things I found really helpful when making my quilt was the fact you let me borrow the correct foot for the machine so I could also work on it at home.”

“I’ve learned how to finish items professionally at the same time as having great fun, meeting new people and sharing ideas and patterns.”

“Your knowledge of sewing and your ability to pass it on have exceeded my expectations.”

“Thanks for your support and encouragement today. I’m so thrilled with my first sewing project, I’m going to wear it on Saturday for my friend’s sewing bee.”

“Your honestly is greatly appreciated – if you think we can do something better, you politely tell us. And generally the second time IS better!”