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Understand Careful Use of Colour.

I am enjoying an indulgent day of sewing as Daddy-daycare is in full swing. This has enabled me to get to grips writing my latest article for Sewing World. What better way to enjoy a wet bank holiday Monday than to create a colourful patchwork project!

Sewing this latest article and photographing it as I went along, I realised that I was able to create a very pleasing end result just using scraps of fabric I already had. Like many of you I have a stash of scrap fabrics that I cannot bear to part with, as they might just come in useful for something! I must admit that they have all been sorted into “long & skinny”, large enough for “squares” and “tiny but useful for applique”. Today selecting by colours of the rainbow meant that a rather hotchpotch assortment of scraps became something very pleasing to the eye.

Some of my students lack confidence with colour and pattern. My eye for colour and great diplomacy has assisted many students in the last few weeks. Those unsure if a pattern or colour would suit them have been guided to choose those that flatter their skin tone and that they are comfortable to wear. Helping a student select contrast buttons, rather than a near miss for a skirt she had made, ensured she had a finished garment that had a professional edge rather than a homemade look. Suggesting complimentary plain fabrics to go with a bold patterned patchwork gave the overall quilt a designer feel.

Top Tips for working with colour: Consider what colours you already wear? Would you really wear the lime green just because it is on offer? Take the fabric to the store when selecting thread, buttons and zips. Red & Green really shouldn’t be seen together (and by the way are the hardest colours to colour match to).

Educating students to select fabrics and notions whilst considering the colour can be as rewarding as helping them get to grips with the dressmaking patterns itself!

May 29, 2017