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I had a bit if a shock when asked to address a local WI groups as I had totally under estimated the resurgence of the popularity of the WI organisation and when I casually enquired how many could I expect to attend was told – well about 100 to 120 participants if the topic is interesting!

I was invited to speak to the local WI group about the success of being a woman in business and building The Sewing Shed from scratch and also if I could throw in a demonstration that would be great as they also like to learn a new skill.

On the night I was faced with a church hall full of giddy (as we say in Yorkshire) ladies, who clearly don’t get out much. What I wasn’t told was that tea and cake had been replaced with wine and cake so my audience were very supportive, if not a little forward with the Q&As session and VERY enthusiastic at joining in the hands on activity for the month, if not a little tipsy! The demonstration of applying an applique onto an item brought from home was a huge success as long as I ensured the correct side of the applique paper was bonded to the fabric not the iron!


August 5, 2016